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Dungeness 1993-98 is a project documenting the inhabitants and visitors of the Dungeness peninsula a stretch of desolate shingle beach, a designated site of special scientific interest, scattered about are a few homes, a pub, a miniature railway all which reside beside the looming nuclear powerstation.  Jo and John Thomas live closest to the station, they had a view over the beach towards Rye before the station was built in 1965 within a few 100 yards of their home.  During the course of this project the style of photography developed in different directions to enable the multitude of narratives within Dungeness to be described.  There are black and white photographs that describe the fear associated with nuclear power through a fictitious archaeological perspective.  A more traditional formal style approaches the people and activities that take place in the area and a sound and image installation piece was created to tell the story of Jo and John Thomas.  The black and white photos and the sound and image installation were shown in a solo exhibition at the Watershed, Bristol, 1994.

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